About Kraus Electric

Kraus Electric provides quality electrical equipment products and professional installation for a reasonable price.

By providing training on installation and servicing of generators, alarm systems, lighting systems, and electrical distributions systems - along with information on the latest electrical code changes - to all of our employees - we are able to provide superior electric related services for competative prices.

Our stringent standards for quality will always set us apart from the competition.


Kraus Electric has evolved over 15 years into the company we are today. We are diversified and have prooven our stability in these challenging economic times. We have grown from a company that provided basic electrical services to a reputable employer and name that people can trust. We now provide sales and installation services, as well as maintenance and emergency services for everything from generators and alarm systems, to electric billboard and lift-truck services.

We pride ourselves on being friendly and working with everyone from individuals and small families to being a cohesive part of large businesses. We hope you'll call today and see how we can help you.


I'm an old farm boy... I could tinker and figure out when we had problems with the lights in our driveway, but my wife worries I'd make a bigger mess. Lee does a fine job and he's always been a good guy to work with.

Rodney G.
Tecumseh, KS